A 40-year-old man was diagnosed with eye cancer because he did this every night!


While we tend to spend long hours in front of a mirror beautifying our face, we always tend to neglect our eyes. How often have you suffered from puffy or tired eyes staying awake late at night? No doubt the physiology of your eyes is extremely strong enough to withstand stress and a lot of pressure, but if you cross the limits of your body’s endurance, then you’re bound to get a shock. A 40-year-old man who was diagnosed with Eye cancer thought he was getting pink eye, when doctors proved him wrong. You’ll be shocked at the reason!
Do you use your cell phone at night in the dark?? This could happen to you!!
As you know the human eye consists of complex tissue and particles. Even when you tend to stay awake till late at night, you may sometimes notice a slight redness or even tiny red veins in your eyes as a result of stress on your eye tissue. Imagine the result when you not only stay awake but subject your eyes to the radiation of a cell phone screen every night??? Yes what caused this man to get eye cancer was his cell phone!!
This Man Thought He Had Conjunctivitis until His Doctor Confirmed the Worst
Possibilities are that you are also one, among those people around the world who have this bad habit of using their cell phones in the dark just before they fall off to sleep. According to this man, that is exactly what he did 30 minutes every night for a month till he started having eye problems. At first he thought it was conjunctivitis or Pink eye, but when it got worse, his doctors confirmed it to be eye cancer.

Now some people may refer to the white of the eye as albumin, but the actual term is the SCLERA. That’s what the white of your eye is called. The white of the eye is not albumin just because it’s white. Albumin is present in the lining of the cornea or the dark part of your eye. The sclera consists of collagen and elastin. Beneath the sclera is the vitreous humor of the eye. When the eye is inflamed, it turns red.