Bank Accidentally Put $4.6 Million In This Girl’s Account – She Spent $3.3 Million Before Getting Caught!


Most of us have a good idea how much money we have in our bank account. But, what if you looked one day and found an extra $4.6 million in there?! What would you do! I mean, after you picked yourself up off the floor – what would you do?! I would probably call the bank and tell them there was something really, really wrong going on! But, when this very thing happened to Christine Jiaxin Lee, 21, she sort of went on a shopping spree!
Christine is an engineer from Malaysia that lives in Australia. Finding $4.6 million in her bank account flipped some sort of switch, and she splurged (with someone else’s money).
Image Credit: GuffTure, it was a bank error, not Christine’s, but the amazing part is that she spent $3.3 million before the bank caught on! She procured an elegant new apartment in Sydney’s Inner West neighborhood.
Then she decided to get few handbags! These handbags cost her about one million!
Here is a breakdown of the handbags and a bracelet!
The Sydney Morning Herald put the graphic together when they found out about the story. Believe it or not, Christine’s boyfriend had no idea that she had gone on her shopping spree until she was arrested!
When she was out on bail, she had to go to the police station twice a day – that is when he found out!
In her defense, Christine said she thought her parents gave her the money! But, then she could have asked them! Anyway, as you may already realize, she has to pay back every cent!
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