Halibut fillets in tomato sauce


A formula that needs a bit discreetness in preparation, however within the finish can end in a really elegant and delicious dish,

Four fillet flatfish ocean of two hundred g ▪ 550 g tomatoes withdraw squares (from cans) Spicy ▪ four hundred g spinach ▪ associate degree onion ▪ a hundred g cut Bademe ▪ two tablespoons seasoning for fish ▪ four tablespoons vegetable oil ▪ salt and pepper
Warm the kitchen appliance to two hundred degrees. within the pot Heat two tablespoons oil on medium heat and fry the finely cut onion.
Then add tomatoes, cook 5-7 minutes on medium heat and stir the spinach cleansed and cut almond.
Pour salt and pepper as desired and in place resistant instrumentation fireplace with 33:23 cm dimensions.
the higher than list fillets shojzës, Pour seasoning for fish Pour the remaining vegetable oil and bake in 12-15 minutes kitchen appliance.
Enjoy your meal!