Pasta with zucchini in the oven



▪ 320 g food shapes
▪ forty sturdy sheep cheese
▪ thirty peanuts
500 courgettes
▪ three tiny onions
▪ two hundred g of mixed cow and cheese
▪ one basil bouque
▪ oil
Salt and pepper
Initially we tend to expect to money sliced ​​courgettes. in an exceedingly pan take four tablespoons of oil and skuqim till the onions take color, that have skinny cut.
Once you have got gotten coloured pumpkins add salt, pepper and allow them to be bewildered over medium heat for regarding 7-8 minutes.
In a mixer take leaves of basil and 2/3 of zucchini. Add [*fr1] the 2 cheeses. The extent combine mixer till produce a homogeneous mass.
Boil the food in salt-cured water. Once you have got fine, we tend to add the ready sauce, a bit oil and also the remainder of courgettes.
in an exceedingly casserole take a bit oil then food. Add the peanuts and also the remainder of the cheese.
Pasta bake for regarding thirty five minutes within the kitchen appliance at one hundred eighty degrees, heat earlier.