Poor Dog Loses A Dog Fight, Brutal Owners Cut Off Its Ears As Punishment!


Two men were reportedly arrested after cutting a dog’s ears.
Photographs of the two men, identified as Hasan Kuzu and Neset Yaman, standing next to a dog whose ears have just been cut off have been circulating online. The photos instantly sparked anger among netizens which led to a petition to punish them.
Details behind the photos are unclear, but reports indicate the two men may have been involved in a dog fight.https://i0.wp.com/thenativenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/barbaric-768x560.jpg?resize=411%2C300
Apparently, the pair punished the dog by cutting the dog’s ears off with a sharp knife after losing a fight.
Proud of their brutality, they pose for photos, each with a piece of the dog’s ear in their hands.
A video which has been taken down shows the poor dog screaming in pain.
After a petition to get justice for the dog, authorities have since busted up the animal fighting ring, which led to a number of dogs and roosters being seized.

The two men have been arrested and fined roughly $1,150 for their crimes. Unfortunately, the poor earless canine is nowhere to be found. It is believed that the incident happened in the municipality of Isparta, Turkey.