Simple recipes: savory plum home from strawberries


This sweet is ready terribly quickly and extremely merely, while not excess ingredients.

And you get sweet too soft and succulent, reports Telegraph.
For the preparation of bound sweets of strawberries you’ll need:200 g strawberries ▪
▪ fifteen g Gelatin
▪ one hundred fifty g refined sugar
▪ [*fr1] a lemon
In liquidizer tearing strawberries. you’ll be able to use recent and frozen.
composition in another bowl and add the gelatin. Stir and leave for 15-20 minutes to swell.

Then add one hundred twenty g granulated sugar and therefore the juice of [*fr1] a lemon. combine the answer totally and heat simple fireplace

Warm till jelly melts jiffy. don’t enable to boil.

Remove the composition of the stove and funky. Then shake mixer 5-6 minutes to distill the composition and becomes shiny.

composition on baking parchment, that antecedently have selected a receptacle.and leave in an exceedingly cool instrumentation 5-6 hours to be strong.

When llokumi be strong, retrieve it from the baking pan, Pour over the remaining sugar (powdered) and look forward to the dome.