The original recipe for trahana: When you try this soup, do not want no other!


Trahana Corbés ways that of constructing originated within the Turkish cookery culture. most typically additionally known as specific kind of Corbés with dried pulp particles.

largely dough contains solely crushed tomatoes or juice, which provides the bitter style and distinctive color,
Components for trahana:
▪ 4 eggs, ▪ one tablespoon juice,
▪ three hundred g white flour,
▪ a hundred g trahana,
▪ three hundred g tomatoes,
▪ 1.5 l meat broth,
one tablespoon butter,
▪ one teaspoon flour,
▪ description grinding,
▪ Piper, in line with style
Prepare trahanasë:
From eggs and flour compress the dough. it’s best once it’s 2 or 3 days a material bag.
Then, pass the dough through significant so as to achieve larger particles.

Tomatoes run through the sequence so as to achieve fluid (can serve and tomato sauce).
In the liquified butter fërgojeni flour. For fërgesën flour add juice and add all the soup.
Let boil, then add trahananë and cook another half-hour.
Serve with pepper and paprika to forged higher than.