This White Lion And White Tiger Had Babies And The Result Is Stunning


Lions and tigers are some of the largest felines in the animal kingdom. When the news came out a few years ago that a lion and a tiger managed to give birth to a litter of kittens, the world definitely took notice.

No one thought that these two animals were capable of breeding together. Now, the stories of ligers and tigons being born in zoos has captured the attention of everyone around the globe, and this story is no different. What could be more beautiful that a white lion and a white tiger?
These albinistic animals have stunning, beautiful coats that we could only dream of. So when a white lion and white tiger mated and gave birth to some baby tigons, the results couldn’t be more adorable.
The litter does have white fur, but they also have the typical tiger colouring to them as well. The four baby tigons have been named Odlin, Samson, Yeti and Apollo, and couldn’t be cuter.

Their eyes are just opening and they’re starting to discover the world around them for the first time.

They stumble around with their huge paws, learning how to walk as well as seeing their siblings with new eyes.

In time, they’ll be big enough to overpower their handlers and boss around their parents, but for the time being, they’ll relish all the media attention they’re getting.
Sadly, tigons and ligers are known for being infertile at birth, so it’s unlikely that these babies will be able to pass on their good looks to future generations. Share away, people.