Watch: Man Sets Himself on Fire and Jumps Off a 9-Story Building


A man in Russia sets himself on fire and jumps off a building. Shocking isn’t it? But before you go crazy thinking about why this guy is doing it, it’s for stunts, however this almost looks like a suicide.

Meet Alexander Chernikov, a Russian Daredevil and founder of a new extreme sports movement called DBA – ‘Dominance, Fearlessness, Adrenaline.’ This fearless guy will put himself to an ultimate test by setting himself on fire and jumping off a 9-story building with nothing to catch him, just a pile of snow!

See how tall this building is? Yes, this man will jump off of it! How crazy was that?

jump 1

To make it more daring, he sets himself on fire first.

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Now he’s ready to make his way down with nothing to catch him. See that pile of snow? That’s his only props. One wrong move and he’s dead.

jump 8

And there he goes. This Russian Daredevil must have a lot of courage doing this.

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Incredibly the ‘wannabe stuntman’  landed right on the spot and got stuck in the pile of snow.

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He was immediately helped by his team to stand up. What a stunt!

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Amazingly he survived the fall, but he was hospitalized with bruised lung and damaged internal organs.

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Though Alexander Chernikov did it for a reason… To test himself, while proving that there are no limits to human possibilities.

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Here’s another video: